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Lenskart brings you premium spectacles for men with the latest and internationally inspired frame designs. Assembled from the finest quality materials such as Rich Acetate, Titanium, Stainless Steel, TR90, and Classic Wood, our specs are available in all the classic frame shapes in unique colors to complement your modern take on fashion.

Whether you want to go for the vintage flair or convey a professional vibe with simplicity and sophistication, our extensive range of spectacles for men at our exclusive online Lenskart store got you covered.

Best specs frames for men

  • Round Spectacles for men: Arguably the go-to eyewear accessory for men who want to incorporate the vintage look, the round spectacles by Lenskart will raise your style statement anywhere. The myriad variants of these specs frames for men come in rimless and full-rimmed designs with high-quality frame and temple materials that simply look cool. Try the Harry Potter-inspired round spectacles with sleek titanium frames. The slightly protruding outer edges and the thin temples give your look a sophisticated yet subtle vibe when you pair them with any formal or smart casual outfits.

On the other hand, the rimless round specs look highly modish with the remarkable single bridge and temple design in gunmetal or gold with exquisite temples in the tortoiseshell pattern. Trendy and highly versatile to go with any kind outfit you choose, these rimless round specs for men naturally bring out the contemporary element in your vintage style sensibility.

You can also get a highly youthful look with the round spectacles for men that come with frames in the coolest colors. Try the slightly thicker frames in blue or grey with any of your lighter hued casuals.


  • Browline Specs for men: Browline specs have resurfaced in the mainstream fashion trend among men. Sported by a large number of cultural icons in the past decades, these specs always have conveyed a highly professional vibe. The ones by Lenskart come in the classiest variations that are quite versatile than their predecessor. Try the browline spectacle frames for men that come with the uniquely slim upper halves in black with the rest of the sleek frames and temples in the golden hue. These stylish browline spectacle frames look exceptionally fashionable when you pair them with your formals on any occasion.

You can also try the browline specs by Lenskart that come with the top-heavy frames in wood in light and dark brown colors. These browline frame specs for males have been designed while keeping in mind the modern fashion sensibility of men. From the modish end pieces and temples to the fine temple tips, these specs would raise your style quotient wherever you go. Pair these with any simple smart casual outfit in lighter hues and be sure to get a highly suave look with an understated appeal.


  • Wayfarer-shaped spectacle frames for men: Wayfarer-shaped specs for men by Lenskart come in the most modish variants. With the excellent colors and patterns on these frames, you won’t have to try hard with your outfits. Go for the wayfarer-shaped specs frames from Lenskart that come with slim frames and temples in the trendy tortoiseshell pattern. These men’s spectacles with softer edges are a stylistic move away from the standard bulkier style. For an effortless style statement, simply pair them with any casuals or smart casuals.

The new variations of the classic wayfarer-shaped spectacles for men also come with cool color combinations on the frames and temples that would complement your everyday outfits. The sleek trapezoidal frame design and the slim temples in red along the stylish end pieces in metal give you a highly contemporary look with a classy and youthful charm.

As wayfarer-shaped men’s spectacles are generally seen with casual attire, some of the ones by Lenskart are ideal to pair with smart casuals and formals. Unlike the standard trapezoidal frame design, these sophisticated men’s spectacles come with half- rimmed frames in gold along with tortoiseshell temples. Ideal for any formal workplace environment, these elegant trapezoidal specs frames for men would instantly add some serious sophistication to your smart casual outfits.


  • Rectangular Men’s Spectacles: You can style yourself for every different occasion with the full-rimmed, half-rimmed, and rimless specs in the rectangle shape. The rimless specs designs for males with sharp angular edges give out an assertive look with subtlety. For a low-key appeal, you can always go for the full-rimmed rectangular specs that come with tortoiseshell patterns on the frames and temples and soft edges. Pair these modish spectacles with any of your smart casual or simply casual outfits.


  • Aviator-shaped Specs frames for men: The classic teardrop-shaped specs frames by Lenskart come in the traditional frame colors in black, gold, and gunmetal. These versatile and stylish spectacles for men are highly fashionable and convey a bold classiness when you pair them with any kind of outfit. 

The highest quality frame materials

Before you purchase your favorite style of spectacles from our online store, it is essential that you know about the frame materials. While the wood acetate frame material on some of the browline men’s specs makes them ideal for wearing for longer durations, the rich acetate frames are ideal for unique frame colors and are hypoallergenic. If you are looking for strong and durable frames, then the frames with stainless steel are for you. Titanium frames are very durable and can be sported for a much longer duration, as they are highly lightweight. On the other hand, you can also go for the TR90 frame material on spectacles that are exceptionally lightweight and flexible.

So, whenever you are shopping for the fashionable spectacles from our online store, you would enjoy a hassle-free experience and get them delivered right at your doorstep!