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  • Vincent Chase Gunmetal Eyeglasses 137985 products/vincent-chase-vc-e13040-c3-eyeglasses_j_4315_1.jpg

    Also suitable:

    Also suitable:
    VC 137985
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses
  • Vincent Chase Metal Eyeglasses 138064 - Lenskart products/vincent-chase-vc-e13074-c1-eyeglasses_vincent-chase-vc-e13074-c1-eyeglasses_j_4300_ebaee684-d7e9-4ef7-b83c-b3ab6909abee.jpg

    Also suitable:

    Also suitable:
    High Power
    VC 138064
    $61.60 $88
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses

    30% off

  • Vincent Chase Gunmetal Eyeglasses 138024 products/vincent-chase-vc-e13054-c2-eyeglasses_g_7666_3.jpg

    Also suitable:

    Also suitable:
    High Power
    Online Exclusive
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses
  • Online Exclusive
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses
  • Vincent Chase Gunmetal Eyeglasses 136759 products/vincent-chase-vc-e12864-c3-eyeglasses__g_2801.jpg

    Also suitable:

    Also suitable:
    Online Exclusive
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses
  • VC 146539
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses
  • Online Exclusive
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses
  • VC E11508AF
    $61.60 $88
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses

    30% off

  • VC 145554
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses
  • VC 137984
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses
  • John Jacobs Gunmetal Eyeglasses 137374 products/john-jacobs-jj-t18520-c6-eyeglasses_john-jacobs-jj-t18520-c6-eyeglasses_j_2884_18bd1421-bd85-4b58-b846-3bed8b7af647.jpg

    Also suitable:

    Also suitable:
    High Power
    JJ 137374
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses
  • VC 134825
    with Premium Anti Glare lenses


Please call/whatsapp. Our Eyewear specialist to help you find the frames that suit you best

Lenskart offers premium full-rimmed eyeglasses in the classiest styles with incomparable quality. With internationally inspired frame designs and manufactured from high-quality materials such as Rich Acetate, Titanium, Stainless Steel, and TR90, you won’t have to compromise on your style sensibility ever!

Be it any look you need to express, try our different designs of full frame glasses from our exclusive Lenskart online store to get a simulated 180° view of your favorite pair.


Best Styles of Full Rim Eyeglasses for the Right Face Shape

  • Aviator-shaped full rim eyeglasses: The timeless aviator-shaped eyeglasses come with full-rimmed frames in black, silver, and gold. The slim frame and temple design in the titanium material make them highly lightweight to sport for long periods. These versatile full frame glasses would go with any casual or formal attire, while the ones with the golden frames would instantly enhance your outfits.

These medium-sized and full frame aviator-shaped eyeglasses by Lenskart are ideal for square face shapes that have wide cheekbones, foreheads, and angular jawlines. The curvy edges of the teardrop-shaped glasses frames naturally balance out the angular features of square face shape.


  • Wayfarer-shaped eyeglasses frames: One of the easily recognized styles in eyewear fashion, the modern wayfarer-shaped eyeglasses by Lenskart come in the most tasteful hues and sleek designs that go with any modern outfits you like. These full frame glasses are made from an acetate that is hypoallergenic and you can find the best colors on this material. Try the wayfarer-shaped glasses with the artsy dual-toned blue color on the slim frames and temples, which have a high-street fashion appeal.

Apart from complementing all casual or formal outfits, the wayfarer-shaped eyeglasses frames are suitable for most face shapes. This is why they are the most popular among many fashion savvy individuals. People with oval-shaped faces who have wide cheekbones and narrow foreheads and jaws can sport these full-rim frames. These trapezoidal frames are also suitable for people with round-shaped faces. However, to perfectly balance out the curvy and wide cheekbones, jaws and foreheads, wayfarer-shaped eyeglasses with angular edges are suitable.

If you have a square-shaped or heart-shaped face, you can easily don the full rim trapezoidal frame design with softer edges. Try the smoothened edges of the full-rimmed wayfarer-shaped frame design by Lenskart that comes with tortoiseshell patterns on the frames and temples. These highly fashionable glasses frames look highly fashionable with any casual attire.


  • Round full rim eyeglasses: The round full-rimmed eyeglasses frames by Lenskart are available in trendy colors and uniquely contemporary designs. Try the ones that come with the tortoiseshell frames and temples. Just as trendy as they look, these glasses would give you a dapper look with your casuals and formals in the lighter hues.

If you have a square-shaped face, then the full-rimmed round glasses would naturally even out your sharp angular features.


  • Rectangular full rim eyeglasses: The full-rimmed rectangular glasses by Lenskart come with thick as well as thin frames in a wide assortment of hues for every kind of look. The dual-toned eyeglasses frames in acetate with grey or brown hues have that contemporary appeal that you would want to sport them every day with your smart casuals at your workplace. You would find some simple but elegant tones on the rectangular eyeglasses frames that would go with your business casual outfits in khakis, shirts, and blazers.

For the casual and laidback look, the sporty rectangular glasses with their frames in TR90 would not disappoint you. Highly flexible and lightweight, these rectangular eyeglasses frames are not just comfortable to wear but are highly modish. Try the slim frame design in blue that have the pulsating red hue on the inwards of the temples. These glasses convey that casual vibe with subtlety. You could also try the ones with the frames in maroon. These would enhance your smart casual outfits anywhere.

Rectangular glasses frames that come with sharp angular edges are ideal for anyone with an oval-shaped face or a round face shape. The wide frame design balances out the curvy features of these face shapes and give asymmetrical look.


  • Cat-eye glasses with full rims: Cat-eye glasses frames have that classy vintage appeal like no other. They instantly add glamour to your outfits anywhere you are. Now, Lenskart has a wide range of full rim cat-eye glasses for you to experiment with. From thick frame designs to sleek frames in vibrant hues, your options are endless. Try the ones with thick frames in acetate that come in the dual tone purple hue for that effortless style statement. The rounded bottom halves and the slightly sharp edges on the upper halves of the frames would go with all your business casual outfits.

The full-rimmed cat-eye glasses frames with rounded bottoms evenly balance out the angular features of a square-shaped face.  These glasses frames would also go with oval face shape. If you have an oval face shape, it is ideal to go for glasses frames that are wider than your cheekbones.


  • Browline glasses: With their top-heavy bar and the thin metal rims on the lower halves of the frames, browline eyeglasses have always been associated with the professional and serious look. The modern ones by Lenskart come in the trendiest variations to give you that highly sophisticated look. These full frame eyeglasses for men come with slim upper halves in black with the rest of the sleek frames and temples in gold. These would be perfect for your formal workplace setting.

Browline eyeglasses frames are ideal for anyone with an oval-shaped face, as the top-heavy frames balance out the wide cheekbones and make the slightly narrow jaws appear wider. These formal full-rim glasses are also perfect for anyone with a diamond face shape where the cheekbones are wider than the jawlines and foreheads. To balance out the narrow forehead, one could go for the other different designs of the full frame browline glasses by Lenskart that comes with a top-heavy bar in the brown hue and in the top bars and temple tips in the wood acetate material. Stylish and contemporary, just pair your everyday work attire with these and get the serious look like no other. 

With these fashionable styles just for you, you can easily go for the ones that not only complement your dress code but also your face shape. So go ahead and make your style statement last!

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