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Be Yourself With These Different Styles of Spectacles for Women


Women’s spectacles come in a wide range of shapes and colors to suit all vivid personalities. From those voguish cat-eye frames in rich tones to round silhouettes in different sizes for every age group, they hardly ever go out of trend. At Lenskart, Singapore, our own brands, Vincent Chase and John Jacobs, are at the forefront of fashion, continuing to deliver the finest looking ones in highly comfortable and durable materials. Be it, any style sensibility you wish to convey - a retro look, or your funky demeanor, you will find the best frames at our shop. Before deciding on your new mien, check out these chic frames that will endure all passing fads:



  • Round eyeglasses : Circular glasses are simply in. With a mixed bag of eye-catching designs available from John Jacobs and Vincent Chase, you have plenty of choices to channel your inner girl power. If you are seeking an elegant look to supplement your formal dresses, try out the black round glasses by John Jacobs. The slender frame in black has a fine golden colored accent that becomes prominent on the well-designed bridge, modish temples and nose pads. For an urbane look matching your casual attires, try out the thick-rimmed ones with the tortoiseshell pattern. Their raised edges exude a chic vibe like no other.  

  • Cat-eye spectacles : This frame design has been a sought-after style for long and John Jacobs has some amazing variations that will go with any outfit combination. You have the wide and rounded cat-eye eyeglasses in the striking red color if you wish to exude a youthful vibe. On the other hand, you can try out the thin-rimmed ones in gold. The rounded profile with raised edges conveys a feline charm, no matter where you go.

  • Aviator style glasses : The timeless aviator style is also quite common among women of all ages, and Vincent Chase gets them right with the incorporation of suave, feminine colors. Try out the ones with blue-colored rims with the tone-matching temples. The silver color on the two bridges and on the end pieces contrasts perfectly and exudes an elegant vibe.

  • Wayfarer shape specs : Both John Jacobs and Vincent Chase offer a stunning variety of this iconic frame style for women. Get that laid back look with John Jacobs’ wayfarer style eyeglasses in the tasteful maroon color. The unique brow bar design gives these women’s eyeglasses a modern vibe.


    Along with these unique reiterations on the classic frame designs, you will find frames with different colors that are even more modish, only at Lenskart. So, try out the ones that will convey your effortless style anywhere.


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