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Eyeglasses for Men

Lenskart premium eyeglasses for men are available online for our discerning audience. Our eyeglasses come in all shapes and inspired by all pop culture such as Ironman glasses, Harry Potter glasses, John Lennon glasses etc. For men, we have the best range of eyeglasses in terms of design, quality & fit. We present our designs to our customers through our exclusive brand stores & online shop. Our stylish glasses for men are crafted from  Acetate,   Titanium,  Stainless Steel  and even bullhorn. Whether you are a party animal or the boardroom kind of guy, an extrovert or an introvert- we’ve got you covered with our exclusive range of eyeglasses for men. Find different colors such as silver, golden, rust, grey and more! Our eyeglasses take inspiration from designer eyewear but are available at an affordable price. For premium eyewear for men, trust only Lenskart. Designed in all transparency and quality, with the finest raw material, we’re the best brand for eyewear in Singapore. Need some cooling glasses for men? Our featherlight, almost there range is as good as missing! We offer our extraordinary lightweight frames, a style for men that goes with all outfits and occasions. Our team is dedicated to making your experience in shopping eyewear online better. We ship worldwide, with a 14-day returns policy. Shop our range of cool eyewear for men and be wowed!

Lenskart Eyeglasses that meets more than the eye

Take our stylish eyeglasses for a spin, when you buy it from our exclusive online store. Our passionate team designs procure and deliver the latest models to you with utmost care. Buy frames that suit all shapes and sizes and for your friends, family and your loved ones from Lenskart. Men’s eyewear trends are all stocked with  Lenskart  within exclusive  online web store.  Premium quality eyewear  is very overpriced in Singapore. To uncomplicate and break the clutter, Lenskart has come in to bridge the gap between quality and price.

Lenskart crafted from our finest materials

Shop glasses for men that are truly premium, only at Lenskart. Our constant endeavor to bring in transparency in the business of eyewear means that we present designer eyewear at reasonable prices. Shop the classiest, most stylish pair of eyewear at Lenskart. Choose from a wide breadth of materials such as  Rich Acetate,  Titanium,  Stainless steel,   TR90  etc. and from shapes in eyeglasses such as  Round,  Wayfarer Eyeglasses,   Rectangle eyeglasses  and more!