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Get That Refined Vintage Look With Trendy Clubmaster Shape Eyeglasses


Synonymous to vintage fashion, browline frames - better known as clubmaster style eyeglasses - have always been linked to strong personalities. They are familiar to all who are into serious style statements, irrespective of transitory trends. While they are characterized by a top-heavy frame design and a squarish body, typically, in black or brown color, the newer versions are even more streamlined in design, specific to diverse, present-day sensibilities. In Singapore, Lenskart offers an impressive assortment of this frame design from its own brands, Vincent Chase and John Jacobs. If you are among those who are keen on pulling off a bold look in high-spirit, check out these must-have clubmaster shape spectacles:


Clubmaster shape eyeglasses with angular profiles : The latest versions with sharper features by Vincent Chase and John Jacobs will enhance your outfits effortlessly. You have the thin and top-heavy frames by John Jacobs in black color. Complementing this classic tone is the gunmetal color present on the lower halves of the frames and on the thin temples. Pairing them with any clothing will exude an understated appeal. You could also go for the thick-rimmed ones by Vincent Chase in brown with subtle hints of the tortoiseshell pattern on the temples as well. The gold color on the thick bridge and lower halves look highly attractive and pop out, especially, when paired with business casuals.


Clubmaster style glasses with rounded features : Rounded clubmaster style glasses by John Jacobs and Vincent Chase go with a variety of looks and outfits. From Vincent Chase, you will find some petite, curvy designs in red and black colors. On the other hand, the ones by John Jacobs come with raised edges in tortoiseshell patterns in unique tones, such as beige and maroon. These rounded browline glasses are not overtly masculine and women of all ages can pair them.


As you now know that clubmaster style glasses can easily get you that laidback look, head to our shop and find your pick from the finest materials and colors.



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